Protect her pregnancy. Protect your profits.

Bovi Shield Gold HB

With BOVI‑SHIELD GOLD FP® 5 L5 HB, don’t just hope for a healthy calf

The only viral combination vaccine that delivers 365 days of reproductive protection against IBR, BVD Type 1, BVD Type 2 and Lepto hardjo‑bovis.

Helps prevent Lepto hardjo-bovis infection, urinary shedding and kidney colonization.

Backed by the Fetal Protection Support Guarantee, so you have diagnostic and financial support if you experience calves with persistent BVD infection or abortion from IBR.*

A successful pregnancy results in a healthy calf

Successful pregnancies are the foundation of your herd’s well-being and your farm’s profitability. Reproductive success is key to driving consistent milk production and profitability.1 Reproductive diseases like Lepto hardjo-bovis can have a major impact on cows becoming pregnant, retaining an embryo and carrying a fetus to full term. Protect her pregnancies from these costly diseases by using BOVI‑SHIELD GOLD FP® 5 L5 HB.


Average cost of an aborted calf.2

Protect against IBR abortions

  • IBR infects the respiratory and reproductive systems.
  • Latent IBR infections can be reactivated by stress.
  • The virus can invade the placenta — leading to calf mortality, or abortions.

Reproductive success is more than just vaccination

Discover resources and insights from industry leaders that provide you with all the benefits that BOVI‑SHIELD GOLD FP® 5 L5 HB can offer your herd and operation.

Lepto hardjo‑bovis: Pregnancy robber

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Improve pregnancy rate to help maximize profitability

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Fetal Protection Support Guarantee

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Experience pregnancy protection

Don’t let your reproductive investment go to waste. As an aid in preventing abortion caused by IBR, BOVI‑SHIELD GOLD FP® 5 L5 HB helps ensure your hard work to get your cows pregnant pays off with comprehensive reproductive protection.

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Reproductive success starts here

A successful reproductive program means optimizing reproduction and advancing fertility. Zoetis delivers a comprehensive reproductive product portfolio to help you get your cows pregnant efficiently and ultimately help keep cows in a high fertility cycle.



LUTALYSE® and LUTALYSE® HighCon Injection are the most veterinarian-recommended and producer-used prostaglandins in the market.5 Artificial insemination synchronization programs with LUTALYSE and LUTALYSE HighCon can improve breeding success.



FACTREL® Injection is approved for use with LUTALYSE® and LUTALYSE® HighCon Injection to synchronize estrous cycles to allow fixed-time artificial insemination (FTAI).



EAZI-BREED CIDR® Cattle Insert helps regulate and synchronize estrous cycles. It’s approved for synch programs, including on-label solutions for FTAI, flexible dosing and administration.