Mandatory VETSCANĀ® VS2 Software Update

is now available

By now you should have your VS2 Software CD-ROM in-hand.

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If you have already updated the software,
please finalize the update now by completing our registration form.

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If you have the CD-ROM but have not yet completed the update, please follow our instructions to seamlessly update your analyzer.

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If you have not received the CD-ROM, please contact us immediately.

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Update Instructions

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TIP: This update will take significant time to complete (up to 75 minutes for some instruments). It is recommended to run the update overnight or outside busy clinical work periods.

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On the Home screen, touch the following icons in this order.

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Place the CD-ROM in the CD drawer. Follow the on-screen prompts.

TIP: The VS2 Analyzer CD drive is located in the back of the analyzer.
DO NOT remove the CD or turn the analyzer off during the software update. This could damage your analyzer and disrupt the process, resulting in delayed operation.

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Software Update Complete!

The analyzer will automatically reboot itself and resume normal operation once the update has been completed.


To finalize the update you will need to complete our registration form


We have provided several resources available here to make the update seamless.

Need Assistance?

Please call us at 1-800-822-2947 or email and we will answer any additional questions or concerns.