Meet The newest member of the Zoetis poultry lineage

Introducing Poulvac® Procerta HVT‑ND. The latest HVT‑ND vector designed to protect your flock against Marek’s disease and Newcastle disease.

The Protection Your Flock Deserves

Fast-acting Onset of Immunity

Poulvac Procerta HVT‑ND delivers impressive protection against Marek’s disease combined with competitive onset of immunity against Newcastle disease, showing 93% protection at 19 days of age.1

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When Immune Response Is High, Confidence Is Too.

With the advantage of using the latest molecular techniques, Zoetis identified a unique genome insertion site for the optimal recombinant to express the ND protein to deliver a highly effective immune response.

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“Poulvac Procerta HVT‑ND was developed using our new vector platform that was built using advanced scientific techniques.”

Kalen Cookson
Director of Clinical Research, Zoetis

Strengthen Your Respiratory Protection

With Poulvac® Procerta HVT‑ND, Zoetis offers the industry’s most comprehensive respiratory vaccine portfolio.

Broadest IB Line

Our extensive infectious bronchitis (IB) vaccine line provides greater flexibility to customize respiratory programs based on local challenges, with antigenically diverse vaccines that include Ark, Mass, Ark + Mass, GA98 and GA08.

Flexible ND Options

The portfolio for Poulvac® offers a vector HVT‑ND and the line of live vaccines from Poulvac Aero® based on your respiratory needs.

IBD Compatibility

Poulvac Procerta HVT‑ND can be administered with live and immune-complex bursal disease vaccines, such as Poulvac Bursaplex when hatcheries rotate from HVT‑IBD vaccines.

Service That Sets Us Apart

Embrex® BioDevices

Poulvac Procerta HVT‑ND pairs with the unmatched performance and support associated with the leading Inovoject® system, an Embrex® BioDevice for vaccinating eggs in ovo.

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Technical service veterinarians

Poulvac Procerta HVT‑ND is supported by technical service veterinarians of Zoetis who work with poultry producers and veterinarians to develop customized vaccination programs.

What's Next

Zoetis is committed to further exploring vector vaccines to bring new solutions and insights to the poultry industry.

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