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Spend less time testing & more time caring for your patients

The VETSCAN IMAGYSTᵀᴹ is a first-of-its-kind technology, offering cytology, blood smear and fecal diagnosis in a single platform.

Blood smear

Use AI technology to efficiently read blood smears in minutes, so your staff doesn’t have to.

  • Provides critical data to supplement complete blood count results for an accurate blood smear review¹
  • AI technology identifies the platelet clumps and provides an estimated count of platelets, white blood cells, polychromatophils, and nRBCs/100 WBC

Digital cytology

Accelerate the process for expert cytology review with our network of board-certified pathologists.

  • Review of common cytology specimens, such as fine-needle aspirates
  • Easily prepare sample and slide in clinic using traditional methods
  • Scan and digitally submit, saving time over sending a physical slide into a laboratory
  • Results provided in a couple hours vs. days

Fecal analysis

Access AI-driven results in minutes to help you make fast, accurate diagnoses in one visit.²

  • Powered to detect parasitic ova, cysts and oocysts
  • Clean, efficient sample collection and processing
  • Removes user variability by automating the classification and diagnosis of the most common parasites²
Learn more or request a demo to see how the VETSCAN IMAGYSTᵀᴹ can make a difference to your clinic

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