What will happen to my stored results and settings when I perform the software update?
Results and settings will be unaffected by the software update, but it is good practice to ensure your database is backed up through one of many available options (PIMS integration, VETSCAN FUSE, etc.).
Will my PIMS or Vetscan Fuse connection be disrupted by the software update?
Vetscan HM5 connection settings will be unchanged by the software update, but the analyzer will restart during the update process. This could disrupt a connection, depending on the PIMS system and how the Vetscan HM5 is connected – a simple reset of the connection just as with any power cycle will resolve the issue.
As a non-Fuse customer, should I be aware of any possible warnings after the upgrade is completed?
After the upgrade, an analyzer that is not connected to the Fuse will display a LINK ERROR. This means that the analyzer is searching for a connection that does not exist. To permanently disable this function, follow the next steps:
  1. Press OK to dismiss the error.
  2. From the Home screen go to Settings > Communication > Device Network and set DHCP to Disabled, press Accept.
  3. Go to Host Network > set Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to Inactive > then press Accept.
  4. Press Home.
Continue with the analyzer setup and resume sample measurement.
What happens if the analyzer is turned off during the update?
If the update process is disrupted through loss of power, accidental shutdown due to movement during the update process, etc., the instrument could become damaged and require repair. If the update is taking an extended period of time, contact Zoetis Diagnostic Technical Support at 1-888-963-8471, option 5, or dxsupport@zoetis.com.