Tailored Treatment

Every cow has its own unique mastitis pathogen profile and immunology challenges.

Flexible-label mastitis therapy with SPECTRAMAST® LC (ceftiofur hydrochloride) Sterile Suspension helps tailor treatment duration to the individual case.

Food and Drug Administration-approved flexible-label mastitis therapy from SPECTRAMAST LC gives you the option to treat for two days and up to eight days to help achieve a complete bacteriological cure.

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More milk in the tank

Cows with complete bacteriological mastitis cures gave 8.8 pounds more milk than cows not cured, according to a Cornell University study.1

Achieving a bacteriological cure the first time can keep milk in the tank and limits the need for re-treatment and additional antibiotics.

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The benefits of low somatic cell count include increased milk yield per cow, improved pregnancy rates and decreased risk for clinical mastitis and early culling.2

Study results show a loss of 5.5 pounds per cow per day with every 100,000-cell increase in bulk tank SCC.3,*

The difference in SCC between the best and bottom herds in the study was associated with an 11-pound difference in milk per cow per day, adding up to $159 in net farm income per cow.3,*

Help Lower SCC