ORBESEAL® Can Help You Get the Milk Quality, Productivity and Profitability You Want

Help lower your SCC

Somatic cell count impacts nearly every part of your dairy, including reproduction and net herd turnover costs. Managing milk quality to push SCC levels as low as possible presents an opportunity to increase profit.1

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Help reduce clinical mastitis

A study showed a 30% reduction in clinical mastitis in cows treated with ORBESEAL® and dry cow therapy.7

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Help boost profit

Using ORBESEALL® with SPECTRAMAST® DC (ceftiofur hydrochloride) Sterile Suspension can boost your profits by approximately $21 per cow over using another dry cow tube.2-6

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See fewer cases

Lessen the financial impact of mastitis by reducing its occurrence with the help of ORBESEAL® and genomic testing. A study published in the Journal of Dairy Science showed cows in the top 25% of a herd had 47% fewer cases of mastitis compared with the bottom 25%.8

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Receive unmatched support, gain confidence

With ORBESEAL®, you get the only internal teat sealant with 16 years of proven on-farm results. ORBESEAL is backed by dependable field support that provides training, evaluation and troubleshooting, all to help improve animal health, productivity and profitability.

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