HD50K™ set the standard for genomic enhanced predictions for dependable selection and breeding decisions.


Find out how producers are using HD50K™ genetic testing to improve accuracy and reduce risk in their seedstock operations.

“Genomic testing allows breeders to more accurately quantify the value of their genetic offering.”

Joel Cowley, Former President Angus Genetics Inc

“HD50K gives customers the confidence they need in making breeding decisions.”

Chad Ellingson, Ellingson Angus

“With the advancements in genomic testing and Performance Livestock Analytics, we rely on Zoetis.”

Rob Thomas, Thomas Angus Ranch

Make Strategic decisions with HD50K

Icon Improve Selection & Breeding Accuracy

Improve Selection & Breeding Accuracy

Icon Identify

Identify your
best animals

Icon Market

Market cattle
with confidence

Icon profitability

HELP INCREASE profitability

Better information, strategic decisions

With HD50K™ testing, producers can know more about an animal’s genetic potential than if it had 10-20 progeny records in conventional genetic evaluation.

A history of innovation

Together with customers, Zoetis is working to lead the way to better genetics.
That means constantly looking for new ways to drive your operation forward.


Developed world’s first gene marker platform


First predictions for feed efficiency, marbling and tenderness


First high density panel, HD50K™


i50K® imputed 50K panel


First seedstock Angus bull reference genome in the U.S.

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